Brave New Meat

Macy Marriott - GlassWall Syndicate

March 28, 2021 Doug Grant
Brave New Meat
Macy Marriott - GlassWall Syndicate
Show Notes

"GlassWall is a one-stop shop and you’re getting heart-led venture capital”

My guest today is Macy Marriott of the GlassWall Syndicate. This is a really unique organization for both investors and entrepreneurs in cultivated meat, fermentation, and plant-based protein.

If you’re an accredited angel investor, family office, or venture fund looking to invest in this space with access to deal flow this is going to be an incredibly helpful interview for you.

Linkedin: Glasswall Syndicate

Twitter: @GWSyndicate

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AT Kearney report - “How Will Cultured Meat and Meat Alternatives Disrupt the Agricultural and Food Industry?"

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